The international project consortium met on the 3rd and 4th of March 2017 in order to discuss the project progress and plan the next project activities.

The program  combined interactive presentations of local good practices on intercultural adult education with migrants; simulation exercises based on transactional analysis applications in the partner organizations; presentations of short-term project plans and moderated discussion on the design and implementation of further project activities.

Between October 2016 and March 2017 partners were working on:

  • Initial sharing of the methodological structure;
  • Compilation of best practices existing in adult immigrant education field;
  • Preparation of evaluation of the proposed methodology by local focus groups of stakeholders.

Next project activities will be focused on implementation of the training contents and aligning the best practices with the methodology, followed by a joint staff training and one multiplier event in each involved country.

The meeting discussed the of two intellectual outputs the TALKING project foresees:

  • Design and implementation of training methodology based on the Transactional Analysis (TA). The trainers will acquire knowledge of non-verbal communication styles and emotional behavior of the immigrants and competence for analyzing the main obstacles in the interpersonal communication, better understanding and management of the interpersonal relations.
  • A Virtual Learning Platform "eTALKING" for the entire community of European adult educators, including teachers, trainers and administrative staff, working with migrants. The platform will provide both e-training and opportunities for continuous exchange of innovative training methods, strategies and tools for inclusive intercultural adult education in Europe.

MOVING ON: Second Transnational Project Meeting in Rethymno, Greece