eTALKING Platform Needs Assessment Research

The aim of this research is to find out what kind of eSupport would adult educators and administrators need in order to apply and further develop Transactional Analyses methods in their everyday work with migrants.

Furthermore, the research tries to better understand what kind of relevant learning needs can our eTALKING Learning Platform address: what content clarifications and practical educational tools would adult educators need; what eFormats would they prefer and how would they envision the structure of the most beneficial for them eLearning process.

European migrant educators and learning program management staff are kindly invited to reflect on the questions of the eTALKING Needs Assessment Questionnaire, considering the unique opportunity to get access to a custom-designed European platform for migrant adult education, which will be addressing the concrete needs and challenges of the trainers and staff.

This eTALKING Platform Needs Assessment Research Questionnaire is designed around four thematic sections, seeking to gather information on your learning needs in relation to transactional analyses as well as your preferences for specific contents and formats of virtual communication and e-learning.

  • Part I of the questionnaire (A) is called GENERAL INFORMATION. It seeks to gather overall information about the participants in the research poll, aiming to look into the demographic aspects of the profiles of participating adult educators and staff, working with migrants. Those statistics would serve as an important element in identifying a more targeted approach to addressing their learning needs.
  • Part II of the questionnaire (B) is called EXPERIENCING ADULT EDUCATION WITH MIGRANTS and seeks to assess the personal and professional experience of the adult educators with migrant learners in relation with their challenges and specific learning needs as trainers and administrators.  
  • Part III of the questionnaire (C) is called USING TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS seeks to gather feedback on the learning needs of the adult educators and staff in relation to their (eventual) application of transactional analysis in their work with migrants.
  • Part IV is the final section of the questionnaire (D) and is called ACCESSIBILITY OF THE eTALKING PLATFORM. This part seeks to find out what are the structural and format-based preferences of the educators in a search for a most accessible and user friendly layout and structural design of the eTALKING Learning Platform.

A needs assessment among relevant stakeholders was prepared between February and May 2017, seeking to identifiy the learning needs of the adult educators in Europe in relation to the eventual application of transactional analysis in non-formal education of migrants.

Educators and educational program administration staff form Italy, Slovenia, Spain, UK and Greece gave their feedback by participating in local focus groups or by filling in an elaborate written questionnaire.