The last transnational meeting, the fifth, of the Talking project was held on 5 and 6 June 2018. The meeting took place in the Slovenian town of Novo Mesto and was an appointment with an agenda full of commitments to organize and share with all partners (CPIA3, IFREP, CONSORZIO Ro.Ma, IMPEFE, RIC Novo Mesto, EELI, MBM TD Center) in the final part of the project.

The meeting was very useful in bringing the activities to a coordination and harmony closure with all partners. In particular, the focus has been on the implementation, use and promotion of the platform (I.O.2); part of the discussion was focused on how to turn the contents and teaching materials produced in "e-learning objects".

After two years of work the TALKING project is closing; all of us have generously contributed and we have especially received from our partners and their cultures, people, places and knowledge a wide and rich baggage of information and training to maintain and cultivate for the rest of our working and not working lives.

TALKING: Transactional Analysis Learning for Keeling over the Intercultural Gap 

Fifth Transnational  Project Meeting

Novo Mesto, Slovenia
5th and 6th of June, 2018